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In March of 2020, life presented a situation where infant motor development had to be tackled online as well.

Fortunately, the physiotherapy specialist has already created her website ( a year and a half earlier, a site on which parents can receive age appropriate exercises for their baby, and mothers can exercise their children at home.

-         During the past 25 years I have found that almost all babies have varying degrees of deviations on their tiny bodies either as a result of the tight and limited space of the womb, or by one of their tiny muscles getting stretched during their birth. 

In these cases, a few sessions of specialized treatment was often enough for the correct motor development patterns to begin, after which I only needed to provide a few take-home exercises for the parents to perform at home. They happily carried them out – says Dankuliné Gazsovics Edit.

The physiotherapist added that the many infants struggling with minor discrepancies greatly increased the lengths of waiting lists, so she decided to put together a 12-month exercise program for babies, keeping in line with the motor development protocol. 

-         There was also a need to see the exercises on video if possible. Because of this, I needed more than two years to create the current form of this site and thus provide help to babies with stagnating motor development or even to healthy babies.

The exercises are excellent.

“Unfortunately we didn’t do many exercises with our first child and we laid her on her stomach too late, which had an effect on her. She started everything later than expected. She is almost 2.5 years old and still doesn’t speak comprehensibly, and is quite clumsy. With our second child we are paying more attention. The exercises are excellent, we practice them daily, and the results are already visible! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

“I stumbled upon the website by accident (I wish I had done it sooner), and as I read through it, I instantly recognized our own difficulties. Thank you for the opportunity to identify this problem and for the many good exercises! It is great to have this site helping parents. In the current unfortunate situation it is even more important that we try to help our babies’ motor development in our homes.”

Mobility as a gift

Parents using the website indicated that it would be nice to have an online beginner package gift certificate, as many of them would prefer to give this upon the arrival of a new baby into the family or circle of friends, rather than an umpteenth baby outfit or toy. The special software is still under development, but hopefully this mom-baby exercise program that gives a lifelong experience will soon be available in a gift certificate form as well.

Source: Erika Fodor
2020-04-06 19:04:05