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Edit Dankuliné Gazsovics physiotherapy specialist has been dealing with infant motor development for over two decades, and she treats little ones from North Buda to South Pest. In order to help parents, she summarized her practical professional experience and launched the website, which is available online at any time. “These baby gymnastics exercises were brought to life by parental need, and I put them together with great enthusiasm” – the physiotherapist told the newspaper Lokál Extra, adding that she received a number of positive feedbacks over the past year and a half.

-         This also confirms that the FittBaby program is a safe addition and support for families. The continuous and amazing progress in babies brings huge pleasure not only to me, but to parents as well, substantiating the usefulness of the exercises I have compiled.

“Kids only outgrow shoes and clothes!” We also learned from Edit that regular daily exercise results in the minor discrepancies disappearing, and we will have a happy baby who no longer carries the asymmetries on his/her body.

-         Another important factor is that if the home exercises do not solve the problem, we will know in time that we need to consult a specialist, as it is only possible to outgrow shoes and clothes!

To our prompting, the physiotherapist revealed that she would like to find supporters to include a short and informative pamphlet about the baby-gymnastics in the hospitals’ infant care-packages, as it would be very important for all parents to learn about the age-appropriate motor development of a child.

Exercise and testing

On the website all parents can view those 6 new exercises per month (for 12 months, from birth to independent walking) which they can use for daily practice with their baby, while at the same time testing whether the little one moves appropriately for his/her age.

The fateful first year

The flawless motor development during the first year of life provides the solid foundation for the rest of our lives. If the motor development begins with - albeit small - deviations, the problem will manifest itself exponentially in more complex activities, such as during learning, or in behavioral issues. This is why this wonderful period is so significant.
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