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Edit Dankuliné Gazsovics physiotherapist has been working in Budatétény for 20 years. With the healthy motor development of infants in mind, she has launched the FittBaby program website, summarizing her professional experiences of the past two decades and encouraging parents to exercise their babies from the age of two weeks.    

-         I would like to dispel the belief that mothers are not professionals and thus they cannot carry out these exercises properly. It is enough if they perform them with love and attention, which every baby will feel. Just as a mother is almost instinctively able to bathe, dress and care for her newborn from day one, so she can manage this little bit of exercise correctly. The exercises follow each other in the appropriate order according to proper motor development. They are simple movements, which are easy to follow as the website describes the exercises step-by-step, providing parents with photos and even videos – says Ms. Edit, whose waiting room in front of her office is full of thank you letters and photos of parents and former patients.

Edit Dankuliné Gazsovics, who created, also said that on the website she put together the baby exercise system in such a way that six exercises have to be performed every month, two new ones per week – which than can be practiced well during that week – and the fourth week is always repetition. If during the repetition week you cannot perform any of the movements – lifting of an arm or stretching the hip - easily, you may want to consult a professional.

-         Newborns need to be moved, and they enjoy the loosening of the bit of stiffness caused by their limited space inside the womb. Unfortunately untreated stiffness is preserved in their bodies, and this can be the starting point of many problems, such as orthopedic diseases or learning difficulties.

If a parent starts exercising the baby shortly after s/he is born, and is thus taking advantage of the opportunity to detect problems early on, s/he can turn to a professional in time. She gives her baby a kind of physical freedom and well-being while at the same time strengthening the bond between them, as babies love their mother’s attention. Regular exercise is always reciprocated with a big smile, because moving is fun, and helping others move is a joy!  

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