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Infancy is the most important time to build the right foundations. Genetics provides only a coarse sketch, but much of what the creation will look like depends on us.

When our baby has only symmetrical and well-functioning muscles, s/he can easily acquire new levels of motor development and adapt to new equilibrium situations. However, if this symmetry is compromised for whatever reason, this will have symptoms even in newborns.

It is indicative if our newborn baby cries a lot and only has short periods of sleep. Irregular, almost hourly feedings and hour-long breastfeeding times are typical. Upon waking s/he cries instead of stretching, and his/her movements are painful twists and wriggles.   

During the second month it is a warning sign if s/he still cries a lot, possibly all afternoon until bathing. Breastfeedings still last for more than half an hour. S/he always cries on his/her stomach, because s/he has difficulty turning his/her head or is unable to keep it turned to one side, and thus cannot rest or sleep in such position.  

In the Menu you can find what to pay attention to month by month under the “Warning Signs” label.

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