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What can we give our child if we exercise him or her regularly every day from birth, doing some gymnastic exercises?

- First of all, we make them love lying on their stomach.

- We can help them to start turning their head, practise putting their head down while on their stomach, and thus help build head control.

- We can help start them turning from belly, back, and in both directions.

- The baby exercises can help them to start to commando-creeping and crawling and doing it correctly.

- Help practising the movements involved in being on all fours and crawling in various ways

- Practice through sitting exercises, stretching the hips, corrective exercises to avoid W-sitting.

- Feeling balance in a standing position with several exercises, as well as teaching squatting and kneeling.


I will use an example.

In a good case scenario, all houses are built on a solid foundation. A stable, straight base makes it easy to build a straight wall, so the carpenter won't have to correct the roof and the tiler will have no problem.

This is how our newborn baby's nervous system is built and matures. The correct development of movement is the stable foundation. On this stable foundation our balance, coordination, and courage is built. Even as a baby, we are forced to compensate for movement development that is fraught with errors with some other movement, and this leads to a constant loss of attention and concentration.

It probably goes without saying how much difficulty this will cause in moving around and at school.


Yes, because you can dress and bathe your newborn baby from the very first days.

The baby exercises allow you to move your little one's body after having been in the womb, exercise her hips and even reduce their tummy ache.

And in the months to come, we will use these simple movements to get to know the body of our little treasure, our baby! Two new exercises a week are not only something we will look forward to, but our baby will too!

What is MOST IMPORTANT:  only through exercising and moving can you feel, if one of their arms or legs is stiffer, or if you can easily turn their torso in both directions?

So if we use the Fitbaby exercises with babies, month by month they will more easily achieve the "science" of crawling and climbing and will go from being a beginner to a healthy, ever-moving baby!